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Here Are The Industries With The Highest — And Lowest — Covid Vaccination Rates, Poll Finds


As Covid-19 vaccine requirements take effect for workers across the country, new Morning Consult polling suggests employees’ opposition to the vaccine varies wildly based on the industry they work in—here are the workers that are most and least likely to have gotten the shot.

Key Facts

Financial services workers have the highest vaccination rate, with 78% of workers vaccinated and an additional 6% planning to get the shot, according to the poll, conducted November 5-8 among 48,018 U.S. adults.

That’s followed by the insurance industry (76% vaccinated); technology (74%); professional and business services (74%); leisure and hospitality (71%) and property and real estate (71%).

The poll found 70% of health care workers, who have been subject to vaccine mandates, are vaccinated, while 5% plan to get the shot, 10% are uncertain and 15% are unwilling to get vaccinated.

The lowest vaccination rate was among agricultural workers, with only 49% vaccinated, followed by construction workers (55% vaccinated); food and beverage (61%); retail (64%); manufacturing (64%) and transportation (64%).

Publishing, entertainment and media workers were in the middle of the pack, with 67% vaccinated, but an additional 14% said they were planning to get the shot, which would put the industry toward the top of the list if all those workers get inoculated.

The highest rates of opposition to the vaccine were in agricultural workers (26% unwilling to get vaccinated), construction workers (24%), manufacturing (21%), retail and transportation (both 19%), while tech employees were the least opposed (9% unwilling).

Big Number

67%. That’s how many total respondents in the Morning Consult poll said they were vaccinated, which is slightly lower than the 70% of U.S. adults the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports are fully vaccinated. An additional 6% say they plan to get vaccinated, while 9% are uncertain and 18% are unwilling.

What To Watch For

The federal government’s vaccine mandate for all federal contractors and healthcare workers whose facilities participate in Medicare and Medicaid will go into effect on January 4, and all workers must have received a final dose of a Covid-19 vaccine by that date. The government’s vaccine-or-test mandate for all companies that have more than 100 employees is also set to go into effect on January 4, but that rule has so far been blocked in court while litigation against it plays out.

Key Background

Vaccine hesitancy has been a significant issue throughout the Covid-19 vaccination rollout, prompting employers and government officials to impose new vaccine mandates on workers in order to inspire more people to get the shot. Many companies and governments have reported high rates of compliance with mandates that have already gone into effect, suggesting they’re working at persuading more people to get vaccinated. The measures have also been heavily controversial, however, sparking widespread protests, litigation and state orders designed to undercut the federal directives. In addition to workers in certain industries, Morning Consult’s polling also showed demographics like Republicans and adults ages 18-34 have among the highest rates of continued vaccine opposition, with 26% of Republicans and 24% of younger adults still unwilling to get the shot.

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