Waymo’s Robotic Semis To Haul Cargo For UPS Amid Tight Freight Demand

Alphabet Inc.’s autonomous driving unit is expanding a partnership with UPS beyond urban delivery vans to include robotic semi-trucks to haul much bigger loads.

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2 hours ago

Subaru Reveals Its First Ever Electric Vehicle

Subaru will be a new name in the EV game during 2022 with their first electric vehicle ever the Solterra. Subaru has a reputation of making cars built for the outdoors, and the Solterra will live up to it.
2 hours ago

What On Earth Is The Toyota Tacozilla?

Meet the Toyota Tacozilla - a camper version of the Toyota Tacoma model. The Tacozilla is an ode to the 60's and 70's with its retro stripes and shape. It is not known if the vehicle will go to market as of now, but it certainly is something to see.
10 hours ago

Taxis Of The Future Will Fly

Joby Aviation detailed this week how it is seeking approval from the Federal Aviation Administration for its new mass-market air taxis as traditional airplanes, rather than as multirotors.
Nov 17, 2021

Build-To-Order May Not Be Built To Last

Production cutbacks caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and global semiconductor chip shortage have led to sparse dealer inventories and sparking a move to a build-to-order model. But studies show consumers may not warm up to waiting many months for their new vehicles.
Nov 16, 2021

WirelessCar Tech Takes Aim At EV Range Anxiety

It's not "range anxiety" making electric vehicle drivers nervous, but "charging anxiety" according to the head WirelessCar which has developed technology to remove all anxiety about running out of juice on a long trip.
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